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NL Fitness

Giving my local #1 fitness business a fresh new website.

NL Fitness is a very popular fitness gym/studio started and run by Nick Lane. Nick asked me to develop a new website for his exciting new business adventure. Nick has an amazing knowledge of all things fitness and has been the manager of a local gym for 5 years prior to NL Fitness.

He has worked with numerous different clients including the Swaziland Olympic Sprinters.

Nick had decided to spread his wings and go by himself, after finally being given planning permission on a near by property.

The Problem

Nick wanted a website that was easy for him to update while also looking good. He already had a logo designed and wanted to stick to the same colour theme of green, white and black, while giving a professional look and feel on the site.

The Solution

The website was developed on WordPress while taking great advantage of the Advanced Custom Post plugin, meaning Nick has full control over every bit of detail on the website. NL Fitness is 100% responsive and works well in all modern browsers.

The home page makes use of the Instagram API, meaning the latest photos from NL Fitness’s Instagram account goes straight to the site.

Nick is very good at what he does and I recommend him to anyone looking to improve their fitness levels.

I approached Dave with a fairly specific design in mind for my new Fitness site, but as with most things had a hard time describing it! Not only was Dave able to bring my idea to life with minimal description and time, he also got the colour scheme, general vibe and layout bang on first time. He's always suggesting his own spin on your ideas, which always work out brilliantly and keeps the site looking fresh and modern.

Dave created the website so I could manage it myself which was essential, but any work that does need doing out of my knowledge base, he always gets done quickly and efficiently. I would highly recommend Dave to anyone looking for a unique website that draws attention!

Nick Lane – NL Fitness Owner